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Prawin Industries is one of the leading manufacturer & supplier of Twin lobe roots blowers.Prawin blowers have unmatched quality and performance. They have been designed to deliver 100% Oil free air at varying discharge pressure for application such as Oil free conveying of gases and bulk materials, sewage treatments, and forced air for combustion equipment.A complete range of twin lobe roots blowers is available in capacity ranging from 10m3/hr to 30,000m3/hr and pressure up to 1kg . Compact design, heavy duty bearings enables continuous operation.

Design Features

  100% Oil free air.

  Generously sized bearing to handle dynamic load.

  Alloy steel hardened and ground timing gears for better life.

  Rigid one piece Graded cast iron casing for vibration free operation.

  Improved, efficient rotor design and precision synchronization for lesser slip      and higher volumetric efficiency.

  Simple, easy and low cost maintenance.

Water Treatment Plants For back washing of filter / mixed beds.
Effluent Treatment Plants For diffused aeration and agitation of effluent.
Cement Plants For blending, aeration, fluidization, conveying.
Electroplating Plants For supplying of process air.
Paper Plants For oil free air agitation of electrolyte.
Yarn Drying Knife edge coating, drying, conveying, vacuum pick up.
Vacuum Moulding For creating quick vacuum.
Polyster Chip Conveying & drying For transfer of polyester chips and other similar materials.
Pneumatic Conveying Vacuum , pressure and combination Conveying of cereals, cement,husk,Baggage , granules, powders and other similar material.
Sugar Industries Sulphitation Process.
ICE Plants
Thermal Power Stations
Dairy Refrigeration Plants
Sewage Treatment Plants
Aqua Hatcheries